Billy Crabbe is a London-based, soul/blues artist who has been steadily gaining steam as a uniquely gifted musician. After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a BA in performance in hand, this singer/songwriter has been following his dreams as a self-produced independent artist. There's nothing Billy is more passionate about than the transformation of an idea into a song through the recording process, and the audience’s interaction with it. As a music professional, he has funnelled this passion into creative songs through hard work, dedication and dogged discipline.

It's these qualities that have led to the development of his first EP, the intensely personal Choices We Make, released on 06.10.2018. The title captures the artist’s emotions and experiences as he makes his way, and also reflects the experience of recording this EP. It's the long-awaited follow-up to his much-lauded single Way Back Home, released back in 2015. Since the release of that track, it has been featured in a summer fashion segment on ITV’s This Morning, and has also been performed on the BBC's Introducing London.

The new four-track EP perpetuates the organic instrumental rawness of that single with soothing emotional vocals and excellent production. It's a feather in the cap of this young artist, who sees it as his mission in life to connect with audiences and stimulate emotions through soulful story- telling and song-writing. Choices We Make dwells on themes such as the longing for love, as well as heartbreak and self-reflection. The title song, Choices We Make, speaks to the questions and insecurities we face as we navigate the modern world – about the combined pressures of our personal goals and online activities feeding into depression and indecisiveness. Having gone through these emotions himself, Billy aims to offer a glimpse of hope and support to those struggling through troublesome times.

The EP’s concept has been inspired by Ithaca, a Greek poem by Cavafi that has special significance for Billy – it was given to him in a congratulatory graduation letter from his parents before he moved to Nashville. The poem speaks to the reader, warning them of the difficulties that they will face in their journey through life, and reassuring them they will persevere as long as they stay true to their path. Most of the EP was recorded at the legendary Crypt Studios, and it was completed at a home studio and rehearsal spaces around London. As daunting as the process was for Billy, it turned out to be part of his immense learning curve. “Although it took me close to two years of lows, self-doubt and daunting moments, the choices I made (no pun intended!) while making this helped me expand my musical knowledge and creativity.” From the two years he spent self-producing this EP, the title Choices We Make morphed into a reflection of the overall process.

In his free time, Billy enjoys giving back to the artistic community by sharing the knowledge he has obtained through producing and releasing music with other musicians and artists. From giving advice on running a rehearsal and creating guide tracks to explaining why it’s important to sign up with organisations like Musician’s Union, he is always ready to help. At some point he hopes to find a way to support young independent artists with their goals.